Galvanic Isolation and 3 Types of Galvanic Isolators [With Advantages and Disadvantages]


Galvanic isolation is the process of separating different sections of electrical circuits for stopping current flow while allowing the required amount of information to flow through these sections. Galvanic isolation is used in cases where two or more circuits having different ground should communicate with each other. Let’s discuss three types of Galvanic Isolation methods: … Read more

10 Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Power


In one of the previous articles, we learned Top 10 advantages of Hydroelectric power stations. Alongside numerous advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages associated with hydroelectric power generation. Given below is a list of these disadvantages. Forests are submerged and the ecosystem is badly damaged, the case is more evident when the dam reservoirs … Read more

Top 5: Types of Thermal Sensors

A thermal sensor is an electrical sensor which measures temperature and produces an electrical signal whose magnitude depends on the change in temperature. Resistance thermometer (RTD) RTD or resistance thermometer consists of a long fine wire (made of copper, nickel or platinum) that is usually wrapped around a ceramic or glass core. Working principle: Based … Read more

What is minmum firing angle for three phase thyristor

Question: What is minimum firing angle for three-phase thyristor? Answer: The minimum firing angle for three-phase thyristor is 30 degrees. Because under thatĀ angle the thyristor is already reverse biased by the third thyristor that is already conducting. If firing angle is between 0 to 30 the circuit works in continuous conduction mode. Reference: Other Basic … Read more

Neutral vs Earth: Difference between Neutral and Ground


You might have noticed that your electrical outlet has three terminals: Hot, Neutral and Ground. The electrical current passes from hot (red) moves through equipment and comes back to the outlet through neutral (black). The above circuit is perfectly up and such simple configuration can keep the device up and run. While such a circuit … Read more

How to Start Three Phase Motor on Single Phase Supply

Question: How to start a three-phase motor using Single phase supply? The single phase should be supplied to the pair of winding simultaneously with a start capacitor in series with the third winding. The figure below illustrates the circuit configuration of the process: A switch is added with the start capacitor and is opened upon … Read more