What is Switchgear – Explained for Beginners


Question: What do you mean by switchgear? Answer: The equipment used for switching, controlling, protecting, and isolating electronic equipment. The Electrical Switchgear is a generic term that represents all components and equipment which is involved in: Control Protection Isolation Must read: LV Switchgear components List of components in switchgear: Annunciator Bus bar Circuit breaker Control … Read more

Top 10 Transformer Questions for Electrical Engineering Interviews


The transformer is an electrical device which steps up and steps down the ac voltages. Given below are top 10 transformer questions for electrical engineering interviews. Question 1: Why short circuit test is performed on transformers? Answer: The short circuit test is performed for calculating the copper losses. Question 2: Why open circuit test is … Read more

Forebay in Hydroelectric power plant


The forebay is a regulating reservoir which stores water under reduced load conditions and provides water when the load increases. Details and Construction The forebay is a wide water body whose major function is storage of water. Depending on low, medium, or high heads its construction and working can be different. Its design and location … Read more