Top 15 Automotive Sensors your Vehicles Can’t Live Without


Just like Humans have their sensing organs, the automobiles have their measurement tools by which they sense the environment and status of their machinery. Given below are top 15 automotive sensors which are vital for cars, vehicles and other automobiles. Airbag sensor An airbag sensor is a safety device which senses the collision/sudden deceleration of car and … Read more

Electrical Engineering Questions: Why Isolator is Known as Offload device


Question: Why isolator is known as offload device? Answer: Isolator is a knife switch responsible for isolating a portion of the circuit from the power system. It should be opened after switching off the connected breakers, or else the current will generate heavy arcs spanning over meters. Other questions: Why liquid fuels are preferred over … Read more

Types and Classification of Faults on Electrical Power Systems

Question: How many types of faults exist on the power system and how they are classified? Answer: Generally four types of faults exist and are classified into two categories. Symmetrical faults: They give rise to symmetrical equal currents having a displacement of 120°. Unsymmetrical faults: They gave rise to unsymmetrical currents having unequal displacements. List … Read more

Why surge tank is Installed in close conduit Hydroelectric Power Plants


Question: Why surge tank is built (installed) with close conduit hydroelectric power plants? Answer: Closed conduit of dam faces the irregular pressure of water under varying loads. A surge tank is installed for relieving the conduit pipes under varying loads. Explanation In hydroelectrical power plants, water conduits connect the link to the turbine housing. During … Read more

The Feature which makes Nuclear Power Plant distinctive from conventional Plants


Question: Name the unique feature of the nuclear power plant which distinguishes it from conventional plants? Answer: The unique feature of the plant is enormous power capability of nuclear fuel. Very small amount of nuclear fuel can generate an enormous quantity of electricity. It is estimated that 1 kg of uranium can produce energy as … Read more

Why Transformer Core is Laminated


Question: Why transformer core is laminated? Answer: Transformer core is laminated to minimize the eddy current. Explanation: What is laminated core? The term laminated core indicates a layered core instead of a single solid core. (See figure below). Eddy currents are current loops generated by changing magnetic fields. They flow in a perpendicular plane to … Read more