Difference between Cold, Hot and Spinning Reserve Capacity of Power Plant


An electrical power plant is responsible for providing continuous electric supply without an interruption. A good power system should be able to fulfill the maximum demand of the connected load. Spinning, cold, and hot reserve capacities represent the generating capacities of stations. Cold reserve The generating capacity of a reserve which is available for service … Read more

Power Electronics: Top 8 Objective Questions with Answers on Solid State Power Components You Should Learn Before Appearing in Interviews


Today you’ll learn the basic top 8 questions on Power Electronics. Types of Converters Question 1: Explain the four different types of Power Electronics converters Four different types of power electronics converters are: Rectifier: It converts AC to DC AC Voltage controllers: It converts AC from one level to other AC level Chopper: It steps … Read more

Electrical Engineering Tutorials: Analysis of a 50 kVA, 11 kV Distribution Transformer using Simulink Tool


Today you’ll learn the analysis of 50 kVA Distribution transformer using Simulink Tool in the MATLAB. Diagram Download MATLAB model file for 50 kVA distribution transformer. List of blocks used in this tutorial Input source Current measurement tool Voltage measurement tool Active and Reactive power measurement 50 kVA three winding Linear Transformer RL and RC … Read more

Power Electronics MCQs: Top 7 Basic Power Electronics MCQs you should Never Forget


Today you’ll learn the top 7 Basic MCQs that are most important for everyone studying Power Electronics. Test your basic knowledge of power electronics. Inverter performs conversion from a. Inverter performs conversion from: AC to DC AC to AC DC to DC DC to AC Answer: 4. DC to AC All of these are types of … Read more

MATLAB XYZ for Electrical Engineers | Get Started with MATLAB


MATLAB [Matrix Labortory] is a numerical computing software which is used by Electrical Engineers. You can plot the three-dimensional graphs or can simulate your electrical models for testing their behavior. Also, learn about Simulink for Electrical Engineers Today you’ll learn the basic concepts, some lines of code and some terminologies that are essential to Get … Read more

GFCI Receptacle Protection XYZ – What are Ground Fault Current Interruptors and How to Install them on your Power System


GFCI or ground fault current interruption is a differential current protection scheme which works by comparing the difference of current between hot and neutral conductors that carry current from and to the load plugged in the receptacle. NEC defines GFCI in terms of a protection device: A device intended for the protection of personnel that … Read more

Current Transformers White Paper


Current transformer or CT is a type of instrumentation transformer which is used to step down higher amps to lower amps. Electrical power system uses very high values of currents. It is impossible for the relays and instruments to directly monitor such higher values of currents. A current transformer is an instrumentation transformer which steps … Read more

Potential Transformer White Paper


To avoid a large number of losses, the electrical power system uses higher values of voltages. It is impractical and uneconomical to develop heavy instruments that connect directly to the power system. Measurement equipment such as relays and voltmeters used special types of transformers (namely the potential transformers) which step down the higher voltages to … Read more