Here are 7 Protection Elements You Find in Power Distribution Networks


While we talk about the power distribution systems, we are talking of a system which comprises of the distribution substations, the primary and secondary feeders, distribution transformers and other secondary networks. Despite the rapid advancements in power systems, the worth of distribution networks is sky-high and there is a need for sophisticated protection schemes which ensure … Read more

13 Most Important Formulas on Variable Loads Every Power Engineer Should Know


The electrical power station provides electricity to a large number of the consumer loads. While the consumer demand varies time by time, this variation in load is referred as the variable loads. Keeping this load variation in mind, a power engineer has to deal with various factors involving the installation and maintenance of additional equipment, … Read more

Electrical Reference Book ABC to XYZ Free Book


This book provides a quick electrical reference on the equations and laws of electrical engineering. Download and refer to this during study notes or use the tables for ampacity, conductor designs and for wire gauge calculations. Along with EE, formulae, and equations on algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and symbols are also provided. List of Contents Chapter 1: USEFUL … Read more

Electrical Experiments XYZ Book


Many pupils start the electrical learning from theory. Offcourse it a good practice, but how are you putting this theory into practice. The best method is to make your own playground (a mini lab) at your home. This book begins with the basic knowledge and tips on “Setting up your own lab at home”. The … Read more

Fundamentals of Digital Logic Design from ABC to XYZ Free Ebook


The 21st century is the digital century. We use ‘0’ and ‘1’ to represent analog data in terms of discrete digital data. The digital logic design is based on numeration systems, binary arithmetic, logic gates, switches, flip-flop, combinational logic functions. This book provides ABC to XYZ of the fundamental concepts that are important for digital … Read more

Basic Electronics ABC to XYZ Download Free Book


In this book you’ll learn about basic electronic components such as diodes, transistors, rectifiers, bridges, JFET, MOSFET, Thyristors and Operational Amplifiers. Full list of contents: Chapter 1: AMPLIFIERS AND ACTIVE DEVICES Chapter 2: SOLID-STATE DEVICE THEORY Chapter 3: DIODES AND RECTIFIERS Chapter 4: BIPOLAR JUNCTION TRANSISTORS Chapter 5: JUNCTION FIELD-EFFECT TRANSISTORS ***INCOMPLETE*** Chapter 6: INSULATED-GATE … Read more

DC Electrical Engineering ABC to XYZ Free Book


Electrical Engineering is an interesting and diverse branch of engineering. The branch is focused on electricity, its generation, transmission, control, and operations. From basics Electronics to consumer electronics, telecommunication systems, and modern control systems are all miracles of this EE. But how to start your electrical study? The obvious question is to start it from … Read more