Introduction to Prgorammable Logic Controller for Beginners: Electrical Engineering XYZ Whitepaper

Today Electrical Engineering XYZ shares a whitepaper on Programmable Logic Controllers. While many electrical learners consider Programmable logic controllers a complex thing, they are nothing but industrial computers that are common in electrical industries.

A basic introduction to PLC is provided in starting part of this paper. PLC’s from leading manufacturers including Siemens, Allan-Bradly provide you a chance to develop the visual understanding of modern industries and role of plcs.

This is a well written, very easy, and simple yet the most effective document for beginners. An interesting feature of this paper is an introduction to programming languages which are used with the device.

List of contents:

  1. PLC Examples
  2. Input/Output capabilities
  3. Logic programming
  4. Ladder diagram programming
  5. Human-machine interfaces
  6. How to teach your self PLC programming
  7. Review of fundamental principles

The overall whitepaper is not a simple one. It actually has around 100 pages that are filled with graphics, visual aids and helpful text you’ll be loving. Let’s start learning:


Download the free paper, as well as share it with other electrical folks in the community.

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