What is Lightning Arrester and How many types of Lightning Arresters are there

What are Lighting Arrestors

A lightning arrester or a surge diverter is a protection device which conducts the high voltage surges on the power system to the ground.

Given below are five types of Lightning Arrestor

  1. Expulsion type lightning arrester: The expulsion type arrestor comprises of a rod gap in series with a second gap enclosed within the fibre tube.
  2. Horn gap arrester: The horn gap comprises of two horn shaped metal rods A and B separated by a small air gap. The horns are designed in such way that distance between them gradually increases towards the top.
  3. Multigap arrester: This type of arrestor compirses of a series of metallic alloy of zinc cylinders insulated from one another and separated by small intervals of air gaps.
  4. Rod gap arrester: The rod type arrester is a very simple type of diverter and consists of two 1ยท5 cm rods which are bent at right angles with a gap in between them.
  5. Valve type lightning arrester: The valve type arrestors comprises of two assemblies: series spark gaps and non-linear resistor discs (made of material such as thyrite or metrosil) in series.

The video below explains in details the working of lightning arresters:

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