Electrical Power Generation MCQs Part 2

a. The furnace in Cyclone fired boilers is arranged in:

  1. Horizontal configuration
  2. Vertical configuration
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these

Correct answer: 1. Horizontal configuration

b. Coal is fed to the boiler via:

  1. Conveyor belts
  2. Mallets
  3. Cranes
  4. Excavator

Correct answer: 1. Conveyor belts

c. Compared to water tube boilers, the fire tube boilers are:

  1. Cheap
  2. Expensive
  3. Both cost the same

Correct answer: 1. Cheap

d. The correct statement which represents working of the photovoltaic cell:

  1. Heat energy to Mechanical energy
  2. Mechanical energy to solar energy
  3. Solar energy to Electrical Energy
  4. Electrical Energy to Chemical energy
  5. All of these

Correct answer: 3. Solar energy to Electrical Energy

e. The most appropriate term which explains flow in Pelton turbine:

  1. Axial
  2. Diagnol
  3. Tangential
  4. None of these

Correct answer: 3. Tangential

f. Four statements about impulse turbine are presented, mark the incorrect term:

  1. It works on the principle of reaction
  2. Half of the pressure is converted into kinetic energy
  3. Pelton turbine is an impulse turbine
  4. Francis turbine is not an impulse turbine

Correct answer: 2. Half of the pressure is converted into kinetic energy

g. The working of the gas turbine is based on:

  1. Otto cycle
  2. Brayton cycle
  3. Rankine cycle
  4. Carnot cycle

Correct answer: 3. Rankine cycle

h. In open cycle of a gas turbine:

  1. Cooling water in large quantities is required
  2. Pre-coolers are used for cooling air
  3. Lower quality fuel can be used
  4. It is difficult to use denser air

Correct answer: 4. It is difficult to use denser air

i. The electrical efficiency of microturbines is usually equal to:

  1. 22%
  2. 30%
  3. 44%
  4. 58%

Correct answer: 2. 30%

j. Microturbines usually turn at speed of:

  1. 50 RPM
  2. 120 RPM
  3. 100,000 RPM
  4. 10,000,000 RPM

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