Basic Electrical Engineering

The Ultimate Source on Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering by ElectricalEngineering.XYZ Topic Details What is a circuit Understand what is a circuit Basic Units in Electrical Engineering A review of Fundamental units in Electrical Engineering Symbols in Electrical Engineering Basic Electrical Engineering Symbols (Cell, battery, sources, wires) Ohm’s Law A fundamental law of Electrical Engineering that … Read more

Electrical Power Engineering

Electrical Power Engineering is a professional and scientific branch of electrical engineering which studies areas of electric power generation, transmission, distribution, operation, control, analysis of electric energy. It involves study of electric usage, protection systems and energy management. Topic Details Power Generation The generation of electricity from different energy sources Power transmission and Distribution All … Read more

Electrical Engineering Formulas – ElectricalEngineering.XYZ Complete Formula List


Complete list of Electrical Engineering formulas. Basic EE Formulae Amps to kW Conversion Electric Current Formula HP to Amps Conversion kVA to Amps conversion kVA to HP conversion kW to HP conversion Resistors in series Resistors in parallel Electronics Engineering Formulae Capacitor Sizing formula Laplace transform formula Electrical Machine Engineering Formulae Induction motor slip formula … Read more

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ElectricalEngineering.XYZ presents Electrical Engineering Questions on Power Systems. Electrical Machines Induction motor Questions Transformer Questions Power Systems Power Transmission & Distribution Power Transmission and Distribution MCQ Questions