Top 10 Differences Between Induction and Synchronous Motors

Both Induction and Synchronous motors are widely used in electrical industry. Electrical Engineering XYZ presents top 10 differences between induction and synchronous motors. You can watch the video below or skip the video to read text below:   Induction motor Synchronous motor Speed Runs lower than synchronous speed. Runs at synchronous speed. DC Field No … Read more

Jet vs Surface Condenser – Difference between Jet and Surface Condenser in Steam Power Plant

A condenser is an important device in steam power plant. It is responsible for condensing the steam that exits the turbine. It plays two vital roles. It generates a substantially low pressure at the turbine’s exhaust that inturn allows for the steam in the primary mover to expand to an exceedingly low pressure. This process … Read more

Neutral vs Earth: Difference between Neutral and Ground


You might have noticed that your electrical outlet has three terminals: Hot, Neutral and Ground. The electrical current passes from hot (red) moves through equipment and comes back to the outlet through neutral (black). The above circuit is perfectly up and such simple configuration can keep the device up and run. While such a circuit … Read more

Top 5 Differences: Difference between Open and Short Circuit

Open and short circuits are two special configurations that deserve special attention while learning basics of Electrical Engineering. Given below are theĀ 5 differences between open and short circuits. Current passing through an open circuit is zero, while current through the short circuit is infinite. An open circuit posses infinite resistance, while a short circuit posses … Read more