Electrical Engineering Tutorials: Analysis of a 50 kVA, 11 kV Distribution Transformer using Simulink Tool


Today you’ll learn the analysis of 50 kVA Distribution transformer using Simulink Tool in the MATLAB. Diagram Download MATLAB model file for 50 kVA distribution transformer. List of blocks used in this tutorial Input source Current measurement tool Voltage measurement tool Active and Reactive power measurement 50 kVA three winding Linear Transformer RL and RC … Read more

MATLAB XYZ for Electrical Engineers | Get Started with MATLAB


MATLAB [Matrix Labortory] is a numerical computing software which is used by Electrical Engineers. You can plot the three-dimensional graphs or can simulate your electrical models for testing their behavior. Also, learn about Simulink for Electrical Engineers Today you’ll learn the basic concepts, some lines of code and some terminologies that are essential to Get … Read more