Thermocouple – Basic Construction and Working of Thermocouple

When two dissimilar metal wires are joined together at one end, a voltage is produced at the other end that is approximately proportional to temperature. That is to say, the junction of two different metals behaves like a temperature-sensitive battery. This form of electrical temperature sensor is called a thermocouple: This phenomenon provides us with … Read more

Top 5: Types of Thermal Sensors

A thermal sensor is an electrical sensor which measures temperature and produces an electrical signal whose magnitude depends on the change in temperature. Resistance thermometer (RTD) RTD or resistance thermometer consists of a long fine wire (made of copper, nickel or platinum) that is usually wrapped around a ceramic or glass core. Working principle: Based … Read more

Top 15 Automotive Sensors your Vehicles Can’t Live Without


Just like Humans have theirĀ sensing organs, the automobiles have their measurement tools by which they sense the environment and status of their machinery. Given below are top 15 automotive sensors which are vital for cars, vehicles and other automobiles. Airbag sensor An airbag sensor is a safety device which senses the collision/sudden deceleration of carĀ and … Read more

Introduction to Proximity Sensor


The proximity sensor measures the distance between itself and the target object. The sensor takes distance as the input and provides an output which can be in the form of analog voltage, digital data, or a pulse (PWM). The proximity sensor is widely employed in electrical engineering and electronics industries. Types of proximity sensors Ultrasonic … Read more