Stockbridge Damper in Overhead Power Lines

A Stockbridge damper is a tuned mass damper that is used to suppress wind-induced vibrations on overhead power lines. Stockbridge damper is the dumbbell-shaped device that comprises of two masses at the ends of a short length of cable or flexible rod, which is clamped at its middle to the main cable. The damper is … Read more

Metal Clad vs Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Switchgear can be classified into two varieties: metal enclosed and metal clad. Metal Clad Switchgear Metal enclosed Switchgear More robust design Not robust like metal clad Requires shutters between the bus and the front of the equipment Doesn’t require shutters between the bus and the front of the equipment Compartmentalization of live parts exists No … Read more

The typical value of SCR for the modern alternators is around – Electrical Engineering MCQ

The typical value of SCR for modern alternator is around: Correct answer: 1. 0.5 Explanation: Short circuit ratio or SCR is defined as a measure of the stability of an electromechanical generator. Mathematically it is defined as the ratio of the field current required in order to generate rated voltage on an open circuit to … Read more

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 series PLC System

A newer model of PLC manufactured by Allen-Bradley is  the  SLC 500 series  (often  verbally referred to as the “Slick 500”), which is also modular in design like the older PLC-5 system, although the racks and modules of the SLC 500 design are more compact. The SLC 500 rack shown in the next photograph has … Read more

Nuclear Power Generation

Nuclear Power Generation refers to the generation of electric power from nuclear energy. The nuclear power station is the generating station in which nuclear energy is converted into electrical energy. In a nuclear power station, heavy elements such as Uranium (U235) or Thorium (Th232) are subjected to the nuclear fission process. Nuclear fission refers to … Read more

Wind Turbines – An Overview of Power Generation from Wind

A wind turbine is a device that converts the kinetic energy of wind into electrical energy. Wind turbines are manufactured in a wide range of sizes. Wind turbines are desgined in either horizontal or vertical axes. Wind turns the propeller-like blades of a turbine around a rotor, which spins a generator, which creates electricity. The … Read more

Working of Circuit Breaker and Disconnect Switches

Circuit breakers are the “final control elements” of the electric power industry, akin to control valves in the process industries. They are strictly on/off devices, used to make and break connections under load in power systems. Circuit breakers automatically open when dangerous circuit conditions are detected. Some low-voltage circuit breakers are strictly local-controlled devices, but … Read more

Different types of Transmission Line Insulators [Video]

transmission line insulators

In this video you’ll learn about different types of insulators used in Transmission lines. Similar reading: Power transmission and distribution questions 5 Types of conductors used in transmission When and why multiple conductors are used Also see: Top 5 types of insulators for transmission lines Whitepaper on insulators