Control Systems Engineering Lecture 1 – Video and PDF Download Available

Welcome to the world of Control Systems Engineering. In this article Electrical Engineering XYZ shares Professor Benjamin Drew lecture 1 on Control Systems Engineering! In this inaugural lecture, Professor Drew embarks on a journey into the fascinating realm of control systems, exploring the fundamental principles and concepts that underpin this field. Whether you’re a seasoned … Read more

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 series PLC System

A newer model of PLC manufactured by Allen-Bradley is  the  SLC 500 series  (often  verbally referred to as the “Slick 500”), which is also modular in design like the older PLC-5 system, although the racks and modules of the SLC 500 design are more compact. The SLC 500 rack shown in the next photograph has … Read more

Allen-Bradley (Rockwell) PLC-5 system

The photograph below shows an Allen-Bradley (Rockwell) PLC-5 system,  used to monitor and control the operation of a large natural gas compressor.  Two racks appear in this first photograph, with different types of I/O cards plugged into each rack: Like the Siemens 505 PLC seen previously, this Allen-Bradley PLC-5 system is fully  modular and configurable. … Read more

Siemens (Texas Instruments) 505 Series PLC – Basic Introduction

The photo below shows a Siemens (Texas Instruments) 505 series PLC, installed in a control panel of a municipal wastewater  treatment  plant.   This  is  an example of a modular PLC, with individual processor, I/O, and communication cards plugged into a rack. Also Read: Difference between Modular and Monolithic PLCs (Top 10 Differences) Three racks appear … Read more

2 Types of PLCs – Modular vs Monolithic PLCs (Top 10 Differences)

All PLCs can be generally categorized into two types: Modular and Monolithic PLCs. Feature Modular PLCs Monolithic PLCs Size Large Small Construction Consist of a rack into which circuit “cards” are plugged Consist of a monolithic “brick” containing all processor, I/O, and communication functions Cost Expensive Cheap I/O Capability Comprises of racks where ample number … Read more

Top 13 Instrumentation and Control System Definitions

Instrumentation is the science of automated measurement and control. Given below are top 13 Instrumentation and control system definitions every Electrical Engineering should be familiar with. Process The physical system we are attempting to control or measure. Examples: water filtration system, molten metal casting system, steam boiler, oil refinery unit, power generation unit. Process Variable, … Read more