Allen-Bradley SLC 500 series PLC System

A newer model of PLC manufactured by Allen-Bradley is  the  SLC 500 series  (often  verbally referred to as the “Slick 500”), which is also modular in design like the older PLC-5 system, although the racks and modules of the SLC 500 design are more compact. The SLC 500 rack shown in the next photograph has … Read more

Allen-Bradley (Rockwell) PLC-5 system

The photograph below shows an Allen-Bradley (Rockwell) PLC-5 system,  used to monitor and control the operation of a large natural gas compressor.  Two racks appear in this first photograph, with different types of I/O cards plugged into each rack: Like the Siemens 505 PLC seen previously, this Allen-Bradley PLC-5 system is fully  modular and configurable. … Read more

Top 10 Industrial Control Panel Components


An industrial control panel is an assembly of different electrical and electronics components. An Industrial control panel is intended to control different electrical machines, mechanical devices, and mechanisms. Given below is the list of some components that are employed in industrial control panels: Enclosure & Mounting assembly Overload relays Disconnect switches Circuit breakers Control relays … Read more