Useful Equations and Conversions Handbook for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Electricians, and Enthusiasts PDF Download

The Useful Equations and Conversions Handbook is an indispensable reference, condensing critical mathematical relationships and unit conversions into a concise guide. From physics to engineering, it simplifies complex calculations, aiding professionals, students, and enthusiasts. Streamline your work with this comprehensive compendium of essential formulas and conversions.

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List of contents:

1. DC circuit equations and laws

   1.1 Ohm’s and Joule’s Laws

   1.2 Kirchhoff ’s Laws

2. Series circuit rules

3. Parallel circuit rules

4. Series and parallel component equivalent values

   4.1 Series and parallel resistances

   4.2 Series and parallel inductances

   4.3 Series and Parallel Capacitances

5. Capacitor sizing equation

6. Inductor sizing equation

7. Time constant equations

   7.1 Value of time constant in series RC and RL circuits

   7.2 Calculating voltage or current at specified time

   7.3 Calculating time at specified voltage or current

8. AC circuit equations

   8.1 Inductive reactance

   8.2 Capacitive reactance

   8.3 Impedance in relation to R and X

   8.4 Ohm’s Law for AC

   8.5 Series and Parallel Impedances

   8.6 Resonance

   8.7 AC power

9. Decibels

10. Metric prefixes and unit conversions

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