Download Free Electrical Engineering Safety ABC to XYZ Book

Did you know, Electricity is the most reliable and efficient source of power transmission. Unlike chemical, mechanical, and other forms of energy it is clean and be delivered at large distance with the very small amount of losses. While electricity is the most common source of power transmission, it is dangerous as well. It is, therefore important to join some safety courses. Many institutes, organizations, and companies provide Electrical safety courses that train Engineers, Electricians, and technicians, to stay safe in the power environment.

Today Electrical Engineering XYZ shares an Electrical safety book which explains the safety measurements and precautions which everyone in EE field should follow. After reading this manual you’ll be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of a safe environment
  2. Physiological effects of current flow on our body
  3. Path of current in which it flows and how it impacts us
  4. Safe practices You, I and everyone in our field should employ
  5. How to respond to accidents and in emergency conditions
  6. How to design safe circuits
  7. How to properly use multimeter

While many authors, professors, and lecturers ignore this safety topic in Engineering, it is the most important topic which should be briefly explained to everyone. Download and keep this manual with you for the future reference. Also share it with your friends, fellows and everyone who works with electricity, and electrical environment.


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