Electrical Engineering Industrial Instrumentation ABC to XYZ

Welcome to the world of Industrial Electrical Instrumentation. Today Electrical Engineering XYZ is going to share one of the most advanced, simple and easy to understand book on Industrial Instrumentation. While some portion of this book addresses general engineering industry and sensors. The major portion of the book is focused on Electrical Engineering Industry.

Author: Tony R Kuphaldt.

List of contents:

  1. Calculus
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. DC Electricity
  5. AC Electricity
  6. Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation
  7. Instrumentation documents
  8. Instrument connections
  9. Discrete process measurement
  10. Discrete control elements
  11. Relay control systems
  12. Programmable logic controllers
  13. Analog electronic instrumentation
  14. Pnumetic instrumentation
  15. Digital data acquisition and networks
  16. Foundation fieldbus instrumentation
  17. Wireless instrumentation
  18. Instrument calibration
  19. Continuous pressure measurement
  20. Continuous level measurement
  21. Continuous temperature measurement
  22. Continuous fluid flow measurement
  23. Continuous analytical measurement
  24. Machine vibration measurement
  25. Electric power measurement and control
  26. Signal characterization
  27. Control values
  28. Variable speed motor controls
  29. Closed loop motor control
  30. Process dynamic and PID controller tuning
  31. Basic process control strategies
  32. Process safety and instrumentation
  33. Instrumentation cyber security
  34. Problem-solving and diagnostic strategies



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