Download Electromagnetism Fundamentals Handbook for Electrical Engineers, Electricians, and Technicians

Electromagnetism Fundamentals for Electrical Engineers, Electricians, and Technicians, offered by Electrical Engineering XYZ, is a comprehensive course designed to empower professionals with the essential knowledge and skills in the fascinating realm of electromagnetism. This handbook encapsulates the key aspects of the course:

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The fundamental principle of electromagnetism is that an electric current will create a magnetic field  at right angles to the direction of the current.  If the  electric current travels in a straight path, the  lines of magnetic flux will form  concentric  circles  around  that path.  If the  electric  current  travels  in a circular path (i.e.  through a loop or coil of wire), the magnetic lines of flux will form straight  lines down the center of the coil, wrapping around at the ends to form a complete loop of its own.

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