DC Metering and Instrumentation Handbook PDF Download

The DC Metering and Instrumentation Handbook PDF provides comprehensive insights into metering. Explore meter basics, voltmeter and ammeter designs, and their effects on circuits. Delve into ohmmeter and high-voltage variants, discover multimeters, Kelvin resistance measurement, bridge circuits, and precise wattmeter design. Additionally, learn to craft custom calibration resistances for accurate measurements. Download for in-depth knowledge.

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List of contents:

  1. What  is  a  meter?
  2. Voltmeter  design
  3. Voltmeter  impact  on  measured  circuit
  4. Ammeter  design
  5. Ammeter  impact  on  measured  circuit
  6. Ohmmeter  design
  7. High  voltage  ohmmeters
  8. Multimeters
  9. Kelvin  (4-wire)  resistance  measurement
  10. Bridge  circuits
  11. Wattmeter  design
  12. Creating custom calibration resistances

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