Complex Numbers Handbook for Electrical Engineers

The “Complex Numbers Handbook for Electrical Engineers” is an indispensable guide, condensing intricate concepts into a comprehensive resource. It navigates complex number applications in circuits, signal analysis, and control systems. This handbook elucidates phasors, and impedance matching, empowering engineers with essential tools for solving electrical challenges.

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If I needed to describe the distance between two cities, I could provide an answer consisting of a single number in miles, kilometers, or some other unit of linear measurement. However, if I were to describe how to travel from one city to another, I would have to provide more informa- tion than just the distance between those two cities; I would also have to provide information about the direction to travel, as well.

The kind of information that expresses a single dimension, such as linear distance, is called a scalar quantity in mathematics. Scalar numbers are the kind of numbers you’ve used in most all of your mathematical applications so far. The voltage produced by a battery, for example, is a scalar quantity. So is the resistance of a piece of wire (ohms), or the current through it (amps).

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