Top 17 Types of Control Systems in Electrical Engineering

A control system is a combination of different physical elements that are linked together

Different types of control systems have different properties and behaviors. Understanding the different types of control systems is useful while performing analysis, and designing Electrical and Electronics systems. The type of control system helps to choose appropriate control strategies, design feedback controllers, stability analysis, and performance optimization. Given below are 17 Different types of control systems in Electrical Engineering.

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Natural Control Systems

A natural control system is a self-regulating system that exists in nature around us and maintains a steady state through feedback loops and mechanisms without any external intervention. The system inside human beings or other biological systems existing in nature around us are all examples of natural control systems.

Human-made Control Systems

Human-made control systems are systems that are designed and constructed by humans to regulate and manipulate various processes. Such systems are widely used in the field of Engineering, science, technology, and research. Examples of such systems include Automatic temperature control systems, Process control systems, Autonomous vehicle control systems, and home automation systems.

Combination Control Systems

As the name implies, combinational control systems are a combinatory result of natural and human mad control systems. The pilot flying an areophane is an example of a combinational control system. The airplane is an example of the human-made control system, while the pilot himself is the natural control system.

Open and Closed Loop Control Systems

Open control systems are those in which the control action doesn’t depend on output.

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Closed loop or close loop control systems are those in which control action is dependent on output or change in output.

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Linear and Non-Linear Control Systems

The linear control systems are the ones where the input and output signals are related by linear equations. A control system is classified as linear provided that it satisfied the additive as well as homogeneous property.

A control system that does not satisfies both additive and homogenous properties is classified as non-linear control system.

Time-varying and time-Invariant Control Systems

A time varying control system is the one whose system parameters change over time. On the other hand, a system whose parameters doesn’t vary over the time is classified as time-invariant control system.

Continuous time and Discrete Time Control Systems

If all system variables of control system are functions of time, it is identified as continuous time control system. In other case if one or multiple system variables are known at certain discrete time, then it is identified as discrete time control system.

Deterministic and Stochastic Control System

For a control system if response to input and external disturbances can be determined the control system is termed as deterministic system. If the response is unpredictable then the system is classified as stochastic control system.

SISO and MIMO Control Systems

The abbreviation SISO implies a single input single output system. A control system having one input and one output is termed as SISO control system.

The abbreviation MIMO stands for Multiple input, multiple output system. A control system having multiple inputs and multiple outputs is identified as MIMO control system.

Lumped and Distributed Parameter Control Systems

Lumped control systems are systems that can be represented using ordinary differential equations.

Distributed parameter control systems are those, that can be represented using partial differential equations.

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