Top 15+ Hydroelectric Power Plant Auxiliary Equipment

A generating station which utilizes the potential energy of water for generating electric energy is known as a hydro-electric power plant. Given below is a list of Top 15+ Hydroelectric Power Plant Auxiliary Equipment.

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  1. AC or Alternating current station service
  2. Air compressors use for supply to the governors, generator brakes, and other systems in plant
  3. Cooling water systems used for supplying to the generator air coolers, generator and turbine bearings, and step-up transformer
  4. DC or Direct current station service
  5. Draft tube gate systems
  6. Drainage pumps used for removing any leakages (e.g water leakage from the plant)
  7. Environmental systems
  8. Fire detection or Fire alarm systems
  9. Firefighting or extinguishing systems
  10. HVAC system
  11. Intake gate or isolation valve systems
  12. Lubrication systems for alternator and turbine bearings and bushings
  13. Overhead crane
  14. Reservoir and tailrace water level monitoring
  15. Service water systems
  16. Switchyard systems: It involves a switching station which is the main link between the generating plant and the transmission system and other components for switching.
  17. Synchronous condenser equipment

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