Test Amps in Electrical Metering

The term Test amps is defined as the current in amps that the electrical meter is tested for full Load (FL) accuracy as designated by the manufacturer and displayed on the meter.

Test amps are abbreviated using the letters “TA”

As an example A meter indicated as TA 30 is tested at 30 A.

  • TA 0.5 CL2 meter tested at 0.5 A
  • TA 2.5 CL10 or CL20 meter tested at 2.5 A
  • TA 15 CL100 meter tested at 15 A
  • TA 30 CL200/CL320 meter tested at 30 A
  • TA 50 CL320 meter tested at 50 A

Meter testing

Meters shall be tested at full load and light load. 4027.2, N.2

  • 5.1. Full load test shall not be less than the test amperes (TA) of the meter.
  • 5.2. Light load test amperes shall be 5% to 10% of the meter TA. However, it may be 20 percent or 5 amps, whichever is less, of the TA when testing a 240-volt, 3-wire, single-phase meter with an unbalanced load (energizing a single current coil).

EPO NO. 39-1 – Source: https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/dms/programs/devices/EPO39.pdf

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