Disadvantages of Steam Power Plant

The steam power plant is a generating station that converts heat energy of coal combustion into electrical energy. Given below are a few disadvantages of the steam power plants.

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  1. Pollution and health problems: Steam power plants pollute the atmosphere due to the production of a large amount of smoke and fumes. This causes health problems for workers and habitats near the thermal power plant
  2. High Running Cost: The running cost of the steam power plant is comparatively high because of fuel, and maintenance. Compared to hydropower plant it is costlier
  3. O&M costs: Operation and maintenance costs in case of steam power plants is high
  4. Time required for installation: The time needed for the erection of a steam power plant is quite high before it is put to operation.
  5. High Quantities of water needed: Large quantity of water is needed for the steam power plant
  6. Adverse Impact on the aquatic living organism: The heated water that is thrown in the rivers, ponds have adverse effect on the living organism and disturbs the ecology.
  7. Environmental Impacts: Coal and ash handling poses a serious problem.
  8. Low Efficiency: The efficiency of steam power plant is about 35 % to 41% which is quite low.
  9. Global Warming: Because of release of burnt gases of coal or fuel, it contributes to global warming to a larger extent.

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