Power System Protection – ElectricalEngineering.XYZ


This ultimate guide on power system. Covers all fundamentals concepts on Power System Protection Power system protection is a subfield of Electrical Power Engineering which is focused on techniques and methods used for the protection of electrical power systems from faults. Types of Faults Faults are usually classified into two major classes. Open Circuit Faults … Read more

Power System Analysis – ElectricalEngineering.XYZ


The ultimate guide on Power System Analysis for beginners. In this guide you’ll learn the fundamental and most important aspects of PSA (Power System Analysis) What is Power System Analysis The process of performing different calculations and simulations to verify that the electrical system will perform as intended. It involves the study of system components, … Read more

Electric Power Transmission and Distribution – ElectricalEngineering.XYZ


This ultimate guide on Power transmission and distribution provides all fundamental information you need to understand about Electric power transmission and distribution. Electric Power Transmission and distribution refers to the stage of carrying electric power over poles and wires from power stations to homes or industries. After the generation of electricity, a system of electrical … Read more

Electric Power Generation – ElectricalEngineering.XYZ

Electric power generation also known as electricity generation or power generation is the process of generating electric power from different sources. Electrical energy is not freely available in nature, rather it should be produced from other energy sources available in nature. Examples of energy sources include coal, wind, sun, and water. Energy in power stations … Read more

Hydroelectric Power Plant


The hydroelectric power plant is a generating station that utilizes the potential energy of water for generating electric energy. In this post you’ll learn all about Hydroelectric Power Plant by ElectricalEngineering.XYZ Working of Hydroelectric Power Plant Hydroelectric power plants are built in mountains where the structure of the dam can be built conveniently and large … Read more

Basic Electrical Properties and their Units

circuit properties

Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power, and Energy are the basic electrical properties. In this post you’ll learn fundamentals of these properties and their units. Let’s consider a basic electric circuit that comprises an energy source, a switch, a lamp, and wires used to connect circuit elements. At the instant when the switch is closed, charges begin … Read more

What is an Electric Circuit – How circuit diagram is designed

An Electric circuit is combination of various electric components. In Electrical Engineering circuits are built by connecting different electrical components such as resistors, batteries, switches, and interconnecting wires. On paper and books, these circuits are represented by using different diagrams. Such diagrams are also known as a circuit or schematic diagrams.A Schematic diagram uses simplified, … Read more

Basic Electrical Engineering

The Ultimate Source on Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering by ElectricalEngineering.XYZ Topic Details What is a circuit Understand what is a circuit Basic Units in Electrical Engineering A review of Fundamental units in Electrical Engineering Symbols in Electrical Engineering Basic Electrical Engineering Symbols (Cell, battery, sources, wires) Ohm’s Law A fundamental law of Electrical Engineering that … Read more